My name is Maya Oryan and I’m a Food Stylist.

I’m passionate about food, I love cooking, eating and talking about food.

Being the daughter of a chef, and working as a food stylist side by side with many executive chefs, I insanely savored good food and learnt how to make it.

The initial idea of sharing my recipes started 2 years ago as a cooking book. The more recipes I compiled, the more I felt impatient to publish it. The problem is, my compilation is extending so much that I can’t find closure to my book.

And then it hit me! Why don’t I start my own blog and share the hundreds of recipes that I have? Then, based on the readers’ feedback, I will make a selection to create this great book I’ve been obsessing about for so long.

I’m sure many of these recipes are too good for us to wait any longer, so have a seat at my table!


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  1. Congratulations for the blog!! We’ll be waiting for more recipes especially your famous delicious Turkey 🙂

  2. what a lovely idea…and since i have tried several of your dishes over theh years i will be checking to get their recepies…wish you all the best dear

  3. what a lovely idea…and since i have tried several of your dishes i will be checking to get their recepies…wish you all the best dear

  4. It’s time maya… congratulations and will definitely try some of those delicious recipies while waiting for the book. in addition to the turkey, the duck a l’orange you make is a wow.

  5. I hadn’t planned anything for dinner because I had a busy day so I decided to try a quick recipe of Maya. It was a tasty dinner and the leftovers were fantastic for breakfast the next day – I love recipes like that!

  6. Dear Maya,
    Your blog is lovely! and your recipes are mouth watering. I’m so glad to hear from you again and to know that you are doing so well. Your food styling in the pictures that accompany your recipes are so very pretty and perfectly designed and styled…I’m very proud of you. You have a gifted talent for developing great recipes, colorful and tasteful design and for writing.

    I look forward to seeing your cookbook in print.


    • Donna, I’m proud to be your student. You’re a great teacher! Reading your genuine words made my heart bounce:) Thank you for every thing you taught me. xoxo

  7. Thanks for following my blog. I hope you are able to try out some of the recipes sometime and let me know what you think. I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve them!

  8. Wonderful blog Maya! Your recipes are interesting and absolutely delicious, and your boyfriend does an excellent job with the photography!

  9. Hi, and thanks for liking my new blog. I am looking forward to having a good look around yours. And I’m not sure what a food stylist actually does, but it already sounds like the perfect job to me! 🙂

  10. Well, you sure did grab my attention with the headline “Vanilla Panna Cotta with Hershey’s Caramel Syrup”. And just before I have lunch. So now I’m off to feast then return to stroll through your blog. Thanks for strolling through mine. Harold

  11. Maya, I’m so glad you found my blog so that I could find yours! 🙂 Can’t wait to read about all these goodies – I’m always looking for a new yummy meal!
    If you ever want to guest blog on my site (it’s gaining more followers daily!) about certain cultural foods, do let me know! Would love to have you!
    Happy Holidays!


  12. Hi Maya, thank you for following my blog! Your recipes look yummy, I hope I will have some time soon to try some of them!

  13. Thanks for following my blog! I love your images/recipes! I have been a foodie my whole life. My mom and sister are professional chefs and artists (my sister’s blog is purelysubjective.wordpress.com). About six months ago I found out that I’m hypoglycemic, so my outlook on food has changed completely, not to mention my diet. I’m always on the lookout for foods/recipes that are low- or sugar-free AND yummy. I’m also always interested in connecting with fellow authors–publishing a book is no easy journey and it’s wonderful to be able to support each other.

    • You write for the joy of writing and I cook for the joy of cooking:) or eating?
      I hope my book will be released by the end of this year. I’ll make sure next time I’m in the US to attend one of your workshops (if any are happening at the same time). I’m always interested in how to improve my writing, after all my mother tongue is Lebanese and I studied French at school, so English came third.
      Happy blogging!

      • I would love to have you in a workshop! My writers’ group and I have recently been discussing putting on an open retreat. I admire your trilingualism–your English is wonderful, and I wouldn’t have known it was your third language! I look forward to seeing your book soon! Happy blogging to you as well.

  14. hello maya !
    i just foung your blog , it’s really cool ! i just love the way you talk about food. the photos are amazing too 🙂
    check this site , it’s made by a lebanese woman ,it’s about lebanese food . hope you like it
    by the way i’m lebanese too 🙂
    best of luck

  15. hello maya !
    i found your blog not too long ago and i absolutely love it !!
    great recipes and amazing photos !what more could I ask for?! =) your daughters are so cute too
    by the way i’m half lebanese and i’m the mother of three wonderful girls : sarah , taline and ayla .
    will be visiting again soon
    best of luck

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot to me:) Love the names of your daughters. Where do you live?
      You can also reach me on my Facebook page
      Maya’s Ingredients


  16. that would be my pleasure ! i guess i will be visiting in june . I will let you know for sure ! I live in sehel alma . i would love to meet you in person :))

    • Thank you Marlene! I shared the post on Facebook page:)

      I’m out of town next weekend, but would love to participate some other time and blog about it.

      Hope to see you again:)

  17. Thanks for visiting my website and choosing to follow, AND, do you have a recipe for lamb shanks? I love lamb, but it’s a bit more expensive in the states as it’s not raised to the extent beef, pork and chicken are. I’m anticipating cooking up three mustard lamb chops soon!

    • Lamb shanks are also expensive in my part of the world and are more part of a festive dish. I should post a recipe soon. Briefly, I rub it with butter and season it with salt and pepper. I make few slits and insert rosemary and slices of garlic. I start by frying it on all sides before placing it inside the oven with onions and carrots and more herbs and leave it to cook for a couple of hours or little bit more on 170 degree celsius. Stay tuned for a detailed recipe:)

  18. good evening maya !
    we had a conversation not too long ago remember? so i just wanted to say hello!
    hope you’re doing good ! how are the girls doing ? 🙂
    great recipes as usual ! you must be very busy preparing some new recipes for the lent . really appreciate your efforts .
    have a great evening and ” siyam moubarak “.

      • hello !
        all good , no problem … thanks for asking . the girls are doing good too . taline just turned 4 🙂 glad that you’re doing good too.
        looking forward to hearing from you
        best regards!

  19. hello maya !
    hope you’re doing good. I love your new recipes:)
    just wanted to ask you if you’re going to post a maamoul recipe. i’ve already tried some recipes but none of them gave me great satisfaction.
    thank you
    have a nice evening

  20. found it !
    thank you so much for your kindness. i’m goig to make some maamoul tomorrow and i will let you know. thank you again!! 🙂 kisses

  21. Hi. Your recipes look great. I’m definitely going to try some (or I’m going to tell my sister, since she has an interest in cooking). And thanks for liking my post “The Book of Flying | “The Dark Castle”.

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